Chilliaphants are the most disgusting Kittyaphants. Other Kittyaphants like to believe that they are not related to Chilliaphants. Cilliaphants eat rainbows, poop Jelly beans, and smash their heads into cement walls for fun. Eating rainbows may seem impossible, but Chilliaphants are rather amazing creatures. To eat a rainbow, they first call on KodakKitty to make it rain, and a rainbow appears, and they eat it. The rain that KodakKitty brings down is a different kind of rain, that creates edible rainbows, but if another creature besides a Chilliaphants eats an edible rainbow, they instantly vanish in a puff of rainbow smoke, and our summoned to Pluto's Realm for eternal torment. The jellybeans our not normal jellybeans either. They are just like normal jellybeans, except they are about 4 feet long and 1 and a half feet tall. They are rainbowish jellybeans that taste great, but include an object similar to cyanid acid. It will kill all mortals, and cause excruciatingly painful. They are known for demolishing buildings.