Flying Kittyaphant Wannabe

A Kittyaphant wannabe, KodakKitty granted him the power of flight.

KodakKitty is the god of all Kittyaphants. He was a son of Pluto, and as he had a mortal mother, was a demigod. Pluto picked him to be the god of them, and KodakKitty has a special form for when he turns into one. Most Kittyaphants mostly resemble a cat, as does this one. When in Kittyaphant form, KodakKitty is about 75ft tall and 250ft long. He has a 100ft long trunk and 70ft long tusks. He can breathe fire, a straight burst of flames, which is actually more like a

Known as the Savior, an army of flying Kittyaphants, like KodakKitty himself.


A painting of KodakKitty.

explosion being aimed. He can fly Superman style, my putting his front paws in front of him, and just soars through the air. He eats BIG leaves, giant ones, but will eat anything and store in his stomach for eternity if he wishes.